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The fashion industry, as seen from the outside, has a bad image and reputation. It’s all shine, puffery and surface. Is fashion only about beautiful women in stunning clothes?

I wrote Wildchilds because I wanted to delve deeply into that other side, the one which, as a player for four decades, knew so well. Go to the article.

By Eugenia Melián 01.07.2019

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Eugenia Melián: The Wildchild of Fashion

Eugenia Melián is a woman of many talents. A former model, agent and publicist, she knows the fashion world inside out. Born in the Philippines and raised in Andalusia, this Spanish-American has lived and worked all over the place: Paris, London, Milan, Los Angeles, and New York. She has represented artists for three decades with a portfolio including names like David LaChapelle and Peggy Sirota as well as legendary punk figure Malcolm McLaren. Go to the article

By Desislava Todorova 27.11.18


Eugenia Melian, Agent et écrivain

Si la photo de mode pouvait parler et souhaitait dire la vérité, cela donnerait Wildchilds, premier roman d’Eugenia Melian, elle-même issue du sérail. Elle connait tous les aspects de ce monde de beauté, de sexe, de cupidité et de mensonges, elle qui a commence comme modéle, avant de devenir agent influente et incontournable dans le milieu de la mode Parisienne des années 1980, 1990 et 2000. Elle aura propulsé Tony Viramontes, et son univers comprend David LaChapelle, Steven Meisel, Teri Toye, Matthew Rolston, Way Bandy, Paul Gobal, Leslie Winer. Wildchilds, Fashion Sphinx Books, by Eugenia Melian. 329 pages. 16,58€


Eugenia Melián

El deseo de contar una verdad escondida tras elegantes y atractivas puestas en escena, de crear conciencia social y de prevenir son algunos de los propósitos que han incentivado a la hispanoamericana, nacida en Filipinas y criada en Sotogrande, Eugenia Melián. Wildchilds es la novela con la que debuta su autora. Un relato de ficción que desenmascara una realidad brutal vestida de glamour, que salió publicado el pasado mes de septiembre en Estados Unidos e Inglaterra y para el resto del mundo a la venta a través de plataformas digitales. Ir a la noticia. Read the article here.

By Reyes Seijas 12.01.2018

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El mundo de la moda, “donde personas bellas hacen cosas feas”

Eugenia Melián, agente de artistas icónicos como el ilustrador Tony Viramontes, el fotógrafo David LaChapelle o la bailarina Blanca Li, acaba de publicar ‘Wildchilds’, una interesante y cruda novela sobre el negocio de la moda, donde “personas bellas hacen cosas feas”. Hablamos con ella de la trastienda de ese mundo que a tantos cautiva.

By Nicanor Cardeñosa 10/25/2018

Henrietta On Hoxton X War Horse: Eugenia Melian

Eugenia Melian discussed her new novel ‘Wildchilds’ which encompasses some of her own 30 years of experiences within the seductive world of fashion and the dark side that lurks beneath its beautiful exterior… [FROM MINUTE 67 THEN MUSIC THEN AGAIN]

By @henrietta_lily 10/15/2018

Wildchilds is fiction because with fiction you can tell the truth”

The agent of iconic artists writes a vivid novel about the ugliness and beauty in the fashion business.

By Nicanor Cardeñosa 8/29/2018

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El lado oscuro

Se formó con Yves Saint Laurent, representó a Tony Viramontes y trabajó para Valentino. En “Wildchilds”, su primera novela, Eugenia Melián se engancha al #METOO y escribe sobre las sombras del mundo de la moda. Marie Claire Diciembre 2018.

Por Chicho Gavela 01.12.2018

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Six of the best... Stocking-Filler Books

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Perfect for those of you who love a bit of drama and scandal, this debut novel from Eugenia Melian reveals the shocking underbelly of the fashion world in Paris during the 80s, 90s, and 00s, with knowledge only a true insider would have. £14.07, Fashion Sphinx Books.

December Issue


Gente despierta - Gente al desnudo: Los entresijos del negocio de la moda

En "Gente al desnudo", con Alejandra Vallejo-Nágera, hablamos sobre el glamur. Nos acompaña Eugenia Melián, autora de Wildchilds, una novela en la que muestra los entresijos del negocio de la moda.

Ir a noticia y podcast. You can listen to the podcast here.

Por Alejandra Vallejo-Nágera 13.11.2018

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Comfort eating, comfort buying. Two clicks and it's over. You wear it once.

Winter fell, we had no autumn this year in Madrid. In two days, I went from going to my market in a T shirt, to layering up and shivering my way through the local neighborhood shops. One lightbulb here, my 2019 diary, which I have to order from the stationary shop and wait for; it will take one week.  Read more

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Blog Tour & Review: WILDCHILDS by Eugenia Melian

Seventeen years ago, Iris was forced to abandon Gus, the love of her life, and her career as a top model in Paris. She has created a new life for herself and her daughter,  Lou,  in California. However, when the news of Gus’s unexpected death reaches Iris, her tenuously reconstructed life is thrown into chaos.   (…)

By Janelle 0/11/2018

Model, Agent, and Producer Eugenia Melian On Her New Novel Wildchilds

Melian’s fictional novel—based on her time as a model—takes readers behind the scenes of the fashion industry. Plus, she talks spending time with Jackie Onassis, having her photo taken by Slim Aarons and the fashion industry’s role in the #MeToo movement.

By Heather Dunhill  10/5/2018